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This Platformer Engine is designed to be everything you need to create any platformer game. The engine has a long list of features which will be added to continuously as it is developed.

The code is clean and well commented, explaining how each part of the engine works.

Features (v1.0.0):

  • Pixel-perfect collisions & movement
  • Wall jumping
  • Variable jumping
  • Fallthrough platforms
  • Moving platforms/blocks
  • Circular moving platforms
  • Bouncy platforms (bounce when entities jump on them)
  • Crush entities with moving blocks
  • Falling platforms
  • Lift platforms
  • Modifying platforms (e.g. ice/mud blocks)
  • Modifying zones (e.g. increase speed in certain area)
  • Gold, items & chests
  • Example enemies (jumping, walking, flying)
  • Line of sight detection
  • Entity health system
  • Sprite-based health bars
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Weapon system (weapon logic stored outside of player object)
  • Example weapons (bow, axe, whip)
  • Springs & spikes

Features (v1.2.0):

  • Ladders
  • Crushing blocks (Fall when player is below, then reset)

Features (v1.3.0):

  • Controller support
  • Local Multiplayer example
  • Water physics
  • Ledge grabbing

Features (v1.4.0):

  • Support for my [Pathfinding for Platformers] asset
  • Slopes


    Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

    In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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    Download demo

    PlatformerEngine1.4.3.exe 2 MB


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    Hey I really like the look of this engine but I've got a few questions:

    Does this use GMS1.4 physics?

    Does this support tilemap collisions?

    Either way feels really solid!

    He released a statement that he wasn't supporting this any longer, but I can answer: no physics, but the code works great for movement; no tile map collisions, it uses objects, but this can be converted; it is really solid; I have been using this engine for years and it imports nicely into the new versions of gamemaker studio and can be edited and updated (as I have done). People have issue with the window size, but it can be changed, I can assure you; you just need to take a look at resolution tutorials, etc.

    Hi, is there anyway u would resell  [Pathfinding for Platformers] asset? Thanks you in advance 

    Before I make this step, I would like to make some basic questions

    - Exported games can run on Android

    - Is possible to switch the charater sprite

    - Shop system allowing to buy items

    - Perk page / skills

    I would pay you for such features, add  me to further discussion




    me too

    hello Rupeck. Can you upload to itch.io the platform runner engine?

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    Hey Rupeck! Great job on this engine, it's really one of the best! But where's your runner engine? Uploading it on itch.io as well would be great!

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    This is amazing!  Highly recommend this.  You can edit this to fit your needs very easily. This engine will save you so much time and let you tweak it to fit your needs.