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game is great and it has potential to become one of the best and unique roguelikes. Interesting and special conception.

Nice color palette and design.

 just completed the game, brilliance + bolster OP

amazing game but needs a work up system not just starting you off with 4 stars right off the bat make 1,2  stars on the first level and maybe a tutorial level before that.

We're in 2022 now and the game most likely isn't getting anymore updates, but I gotta say I really like it. Or, should I say, the 3 and a half fights I get in each run, because it's really hard. 


too difficul


Is there a way to download it and then donate after if i like it?

(+3) allows you to just go through the purchase process again for pay what you want games, so that you can pay after you play it!


This was pretty fun, would like to see

  •  a proper ending instead of just killing the final boss and being put back onto the empty map. Like at least just have a you win screen and then take me back to the main menu.
  • Way better difficult scaling, the monsters power scales way slower than yours so after the first few fights it becomes impossible to lose. judging by the comments many people never even got over the first few fights because they are so hard. 
  • A way to see your deck and maybe even remove cards to reduce clutter. 
  • more predictability with enemy moves like seeing what cards are in there hand, you can't really defend when given so little information.

For me the power scaling has the opposite problem. I can usually reach floor two just fine but some perma-stunlock bs immediately kills me there.


I want to like the game but without ever getting a run that might work I just cannot. I have not had more than 4 battles in a run and all my health places were gone. 

I struggle to predict what the enemies are going to do because too many are introduced too fast. I basically have to have my run die to figure out what kills me how. For all 28 different enemies. Nevermind the fact that some combos are basically impossible. Crystal and a skelly? no chance to do damage. 3 krabs? stunlock. 

What I would like to see:
A slower introduction. Levels with 1-2 stars, Tutorial on how enemies move and what cards are in their deck.
Predictability: Let me see what cards enemies have in their deck. That why I can make a strategy around what they are able to do. I think this is a good compromise over seeing an enemies hand. It will be important to be able to see the number to be drawn and number in discard. 
Visibility: let me see what all is in my characters deck, and when it is being reshuffled. so I can plan around what cards I should have soon. 

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Great concept and execution...
but the difficulty curve is a vertical line.
My suggestions: add 2 and 1 star battles, and show all cards that opponents use, not just their reaction cards. They are using real cards too, after all.
edit: starting the game with some block cards would be nice too.
edit 2: another idea! maybe limit the enemy count for battles, the most unfair battles for me seem to be the ones with a metric heck ton of enemies and the ones with multiple elites.
edit 3: Oh and 2 other things, please make us be able to walk over hearts without having to pick them up (for example in case we want to save it for later); and can some of the enemies please chill with the counters?


vertical line? unless you mean going downwards no idea what u on about, the first few fights are practically impossible and the rest are really easy

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Well, for me it's the opposite. I can reliably kill the first few enemies and then on the second floor before I know it I'm quite literally fighting 15 worms and one of my full health characters died on the first enemy turn. Seriously though, the floors go from having to fight 5 ⭐ battles at most to having to fight like,,, 8 ⭐ battles on average.

I.....can't even kill a big boi his cards are so good what

Bruh, i got a hard time passing 1rst floor, coming to the second, only option is figthing an army of 7 crabs, what it does its you play the first turn, and thats it, then u always knocked until u die.. Need some more balance but very cool concept

I really love the game and how challenging it is! I feel like the crabs should have a bit of a cool down on the stun, but I really enjoy the challenge! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see where this goes. 🖤

if you use a godot to make this game, turn on checkbox '2d pixel snap' in Project Settings/ Display in order for the game to be displayed normally

And one more thing... Need a restart button! If the spawn is unsuccessful, I need to close and restart the game to start over.

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Yeah. And not only that but closing the game crashes it and opens a new window to solve a problem... when that "problem" isnt even a problem, its just you closing the game.

Quite fun, really good take on a fast-paced tactical with roguelike elements. Definitively too hard as is, but a concept worth being developed further. 

Great game concept.  Reminds me of Dicey Dungeons before all the polishing.  Still needs a lot of balancing.  Most runs are impossible, but over all it's a lot of fun.


Now that I finally finished playing the game, I feel a little empty inside.

Belfur, Duntan, Rodna, I will never forget how you three worked as a team intill the end...

Great random name generator by the way!

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what a nice game

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Crabs are absurdly OP in that they can stun spam. Essentially, 2 crabs is basically a "You Lose" and 3 crabs can and will stun lock your whole team.

Stun them or kill them first? or just set them on fire, even if you get stun locked they will continue taking fire damage forever. I one the 8 crabs fight just be using the set all enemies on fire card and then waiting for them to die while i was stunlocked

Very fun game! I found myself lost in if for hours as I struggled to defeat all the monsters on the first floor XD

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Amazing! Aside from sound effects, of course, I only wish that the graphics were all doubled in size.

I should say that the game is unbelievably difficult and that it would make more sense to start with 60 health instead of 30 given how much splash damage and how many repeated attacks the enemies can do...

Wow the level of polish on here is awesome. Easy to pick up and fun to play. I made the mistake of skipping an entire level cuz I had a quick route to the stairs. Reader beware, this was a mistake. Seems like the difficulty between nodes on a level can vary pretty widely but, that's the roguelike spirit aint it. Awesome work!

Great Game

Nice game! I really like the visuals!