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Cardlock is a deckbuilding tactics roguelike inspired by Dream Quest.

Fight your way through floors of enemies, collecting cards to add to each of your characters' decks.

The game features 3 player classes, 28 enemy types, 40 different cards and, of course, daily runs.


Left Mouse Button: Select character, Play card, Select tile

Right Mouse Button (Hold): Discard selected card (costs 1 action)


  • Each of your characters can move once and play one card per turn, click a character to select them & click cards to play them.
  • Reaction Cards (Blue) cannot be played manually. Instead, they will automatically play when certain conditions are met. For example, the "Counter" card plays when an enemy melee attacks the character.
  • Levelling up your characters will restore them to full health - you can use this to your advantage.


Made in 7 days for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2020

Code, Design & Art by Will Lewis (@onegamewill)

Music by Kevin Macleod 

Didn't have time for SFX :(


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I.....can't even kill a big boi his cards are so good what

Bruh, i got a hard time passing 1rst floor, coming to the second, only option is figthing an army of 7 crabs, what it does its you play the first turn, and thats it, then u always knocked until u die.. Need some more balance but very cool concept

I really love the game and how challenging it is! I feel like the crabs should have a bit of a cool down on the stun, but I really enjoy the challenge! Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see where this goes. 🖤

if you use a godot to make this game, turn on checkbox '2d pixel snap' in Project Settings/ Display in order for the game to be displayed normally

And one more thing... Need a restart button! If the spawn is unsuccessful, I need to close and restart the game to start over.

Quite fun, really good take on a fast-paced tactical with roguelike elements. Definitively too hard as is, but a concept worth being developed further. 

Great game concept.  Reminds me of Dicey Dungeons before all the polishing.  Still needs a lot of balancing.  Most runs are impossible, but over all it's a lot of fun.


Now that I finally finished playing the game, I feel a little empty inside.

Belfur, Duntan, Rodna, I will never forget how you three worked as a team intill the end...

Great random name generator by the way!

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what a nice game

I like it, but it's a difficult game.
I like the background music.


Crabs are absurdly OP in that they can stun spam. Essentially, 2 crabs is basically a "You Lose" and 3 crabs can and will stun lock your whole team.

Very fun game! I found myself lost in if for hours as I struggled to defeat all the monsters on the first floor XD

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Amazing! Aside from sound effects, of course, I only wish that the graphics were all doubled in size.

I should say that the game is unbelievably difficult and that it would make more sense to start with 60 health instead of 30 given how much splash damage and how many repeated attacks the enemies can do...

Wow the level of polish on here is awesome. Easy to pick up and fun to play. I made the mistake of skipping an entire level cuz I had a quick route to the stairs. Reader beware, this was a mistake. Seems like the difficulty between nodes on a level can vary pretty widely but, that's the roguelike spirit aint it. Awesome work!

Great Game

Nice game! I really like the visuals!